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Please feel free to contact with any questions you may have.

Please send an email with phone # I will be happy to reply with contact #

We are not scammers and will not be scammed as well! 

We are not associated with any other kennel / breeder as well.  
Thanks for your understanding...

​Our Pups Come with the following
AKC / Microchip Reg. One time fee of additional $110.00
One Year Limited Genetic Health Warranty 
A complete vet check and receive
1st series of Puppy Shots and deworming
Puppy starter pack with food, toy and helpful training tips and ideas
All applications fees are nonrefundable (but may be transferred to next available  pup / litter)
We do reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone  

You will get regular updates at about 3 weeks and if all good may leave at 8wks after full vet exam and 1st series of puppy shots.
We are proud to register all our pups with AKC.  We do not discount the price of the pup because you do not care about the Reg. Papers.  There is a history behind our dogs Reg. and we are proud of that.  You should be as well.  All our dogs will come with AKC Reg. Papers.  They are to be a friend for life and do not barter with them.  We breed to AKC & French Bulldog Club of America Standard.

Went to Julie 
Rob & Sara
with their 2 precious Boys
Klein and Copper.
Living in Sunny
Henry with 
his Dad
Masq & Nikko
Lady Bug
With her 
Little Girl
in Wyo.
Oscar and Ray
Daniel & 
lil Boy
Can you guess this guy's
Owned By Jackson & Melissa...
Her Boys
Her Family
Jes Hafta Be
Prince Cosmo
with his boy
We have sad news to share
One of our pups that was placed wondered into back
yard pond and drowned..
FRENCHIES are NOT able to Swin..  Jan 2014
Coco with
her Boy

Miss Voodo
“Visit NuVet.com to Order!”
Lil Mr. 
Has 3 Human
Kiddo's to love
Lil Mr. Nash
Only Child but has a
Yorkie for a friend...
A reminder we DO NOT breed disqualifying colored French Bulldogs! This includes RARE / FAD Colors!!! Blue, lilac, black & tan, merle (Which is NOT even a purebred) Not in the DNA of French Bulldogs!!! Please take time and learn about our program. We do not just breed to sell pups. We plan our breeding's in advance and usually have pups spoken for before they are even born. We breed for healthy, sound, American Standard French Bulldogs and are very proud of that!! We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone for anyone reason. We have a simple application. We bring them into this world and ONLY want the BEST for them!!!

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My Gran Daughter
with her favorite 
They love her
as much as
she loves them..
Owned & Loved By Barbara.
Tudee, She is Bronco's sister.  Shadow / Bubba.  CH~Lil Miss Addie Tude
Meat Ball
 Please complete the application when sending us a message, this helps us with the right fits.  We are open to placing into small show and breeder homes.  But if you do not breed to the French Bulldog Standard we are not a fit for you.  

Thanks for your interest we will be working on Reservation spots for Conformation Prospects & Companions.  NO PUPS AT THIS TIME.
Please be sure your ready for a life long commitment when showing interest in our pupsters.  
Application & Reservations fees are non-refundable.  Contact for conditions.  

So loved.
Baby Girl 14 years young:)  
Stella 12 years young!

Congratulations to
Team Faith & Banjo.  5th time in conformation ring.  Res winners dog to a major.. Wahoo.

We do not have any pups available. About a 6-8 month
wait list.  If you want something now we are not your
breeder.  Thanks have a good day.