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A Bit about us & our program
A groomer who is now retired, We have always been blessed to be in the animal industry.  We have raised and showed dogs for well over 20 years.

We are committed to raising quality, healthy stable-tempered French Bulldogs.    OFA Health testing.
Committed to raising healthy & happy French Bulldogs:)
 Some answers to frequently asked questions:

The Cost of a Frenchie:
Prices will vary depending on pedigree and conformation.  All our pups are proudly reg. with the American Kennel Club (AKC).  Sires have been DNA'D before entering into our breeding program.  All our 4 legged adults have been health checked and are healthy.  
Our pups are placed as companion kids first and foremost.  Looking to place pups in small loving breeding & show homes.
We do breed to AKC & The French Bulldog Of America Club Standards.  No Fad colors in our program. NO BLUE, BLACK /TAN, MERLE, ETC! NO
Can I Visit your Home and see pups:Borrowed from a friend:
Why animal breeders may not invite you in anymore
You’ve probably read somewhere, maybe even from me, that a breeder that won’t let you see where animals are kept or meet your animals is a big red flag.
That breeders who won’t let you meet the animals or see where they are kept must be hiding something.
Well that’s no longer true
Why you ask?
Because there is a vendetta in the USA right now against breeders, even the really good breeders.
Anti breeder types, be they from HSUS or PETA or other animal rights groups or overzealous animal shelter workers or other similar people are making it their life’s work to get breeders animal seized and stop all breeding.
Many times this involves lying, filing false complaints or worse- setting the breeder up.
Sometimes these people even gain the breeder’s trust or work for them.
No matter how clean your animals are.
No matter how well fed and clean your animals are.
No matter how careful you are to only breed the best and most fully health tested animals
No matter how much time and money you put into them and how much money you lose.
These people are looking to get your dogs seized, to get another “horrible breeder” story in the news, to use you and your animals to get restrictive laws passed.
Breeders now must not only do their absolute best , they now must guard against those that would destroy their life’s work and the animals they love for no reason other than hate.
So the next time an animal breeder grills you with questions, or meets you in their driveway or even at the shopping center in their town, don’t hold it against them - they may just be doing all they can to keep hateful people from destroying all they love.
What does my pup get before coming home with me:
Your pup will have a visit with our vet and receive 1st series of puppy shots, deworming.  You will get shot record.
Your pup will have a microchip registered with your information.
Your pup will also have a very helpful and fun starter pack to take home, includes food, blanket, toy and helpful training tips and ideas.
Is there a holding fee required to hold a pup:
Yes, we require a $500 reservation fee to hold your pup.  Hold fees are Non-refundable.  For reservation fees we will accept Check or Cash.   You will receive regular updates and pictures of your puppy. We will not consider a put sold until confirmed hold.  Everyone is given 48 hours to have hold confirmed.  If someone else is also looking at same pup the person with reservation 1st will get the pup.  The other person would be notified of pup being sold.
When is Final Payment due and when pup can go home:
Balance is due when pup is 8 wks of age in cash.   If we will be delivering pup to you the balance will also be due when pup is 6 wks of age, this helps with the travel arrangements on our end.
The pup may leave @ 8 wks of age as long as doing well and after the full vet exam.  If there is a problem we will discuss and go over all options.
Health Warranty:
Your pup will have a ONE year limited genetic health warranty in writing.
Also you must follow the NuVet Vitamin Protocol.  

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